If you own a dog, then you should be getting out into the great outdoors for good walks and exercise with your dog every day. There are many health benefits of walking for you and your dog. Never mind that amazing beauty of the natural world in which you could immerse yourself in. You can clear your mind, build up fitness and lose weight all at the same time. Your dog will get the physical and mental benefits too! In this post I am going to disclose you my top 5 dog walks places in Cardiff.

Dogs, of all breeds need physical exercise to stay healthy and in good condition. They also get a lot of mental stimulation from sniffing around in the woods and meeting other dogs. Imagine not being able to watch TV, go on Facebook or post a selfie on Instagram. Some of us might literally go mad. Well this is what it is like if a dog doesn’t get a good walk every day.

So if you want to be a good owner and treat your dog right, and at the same time benefit from it too, take your dog out for a walk! You never know, you might get a good insta pic while you’re at it.

This is a lovely little piece of Cardiff, tucked away next to the beautiful river Taff. If you are really feeling energetic you can walk along the river all the way down to Pontcanna fields. If you are like me and enjoy just ambling along and looking and listening while the dogs sniff around, then you will be perfectly happy just staying around this area. There is a bunch of birds and wildlife around here, so if your dog has a big prey drive you might not want to visit this spot. If your dog is well trained and not worried about wildlife, it’s fantastic. This area only allows dogs on lead. So if you still find yourself battling with using a leash on your puppy and would like to learn good on lead walking with your dog, check out my prices on my Puppy Training courses or give me a call.

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“Did you know that by clicking the icon next to each title you can access a google maps view of the area? Give it a try!”

This is my favourite walk in the Cardiff area. It is a little out the way, but well worth it. It has beautiful streams following through the trees and an abundance of tracks weaving through the plantations. There is a main gravel road to walk on if you don’t fancy getting muddy too. On a lovely sunny day you could spend hours up here and it might even be worth taking a picnic basket with for you and your dog. It is generally pretty quiet, which I love, so you can just stroll around and let your dog run around freely, you obviously have to be confident in your dog’s recall, if not some good recall training can get your right on track. A word of caution: I have seen horses, sheep and cows on the odd occasion, so if your dog gets startled easily just be aware. With summer fast approaching, the long evenings will be fantastic here!

If you live on the eastern side of the city, you might know of Tredegar house. It is a majestic house with awesome big fields, magnificent old trees and a beautiful lake. There is plenty of space here for your dog to run to his/her hearts content. In the summer it does get pretty busy here and understandably so. There is a lovely little cafe, kids play area and obviously the house. This means the whole family can enjoy a lovely day out here.

Perhaps you have noticed already, but I love trees! They are really cool parts of nature and can vary so much with the seasons. This is why Cefn Onn Park is in my top 5 list. The rich variety of trees and shrubbery is really fantastic! The colours in this park as the seasons change is stunning. You should definitely visit this park at least once a month so you can see how it changes. There are sections here that dogs need to be kept on lead, but you can let your dog off the lead in other sections. There is a fantastic cafe too! The Bar area is dog friendly.

This park has made it into my top 5 dog walks places in Cardiff list because, if you have a friendly and social dog, this is the spot. There is a constant flow of dogs around this park that come rain or shine. So, if you enjoy a chat with like minded folks, and your dog loves a run around with new friends, this is a great choice. There are lovely big fields to throw a ball on, woods to sniff around in and even a pond to take a dip in. There is a kids play area here for the little humans to go play in.

And there you have it! My top 5 dog walks places in and around Cardiff.

There are obviously many other nice parks and areas to walk your dog, such as Roath Park, Cardiff Bay, Cosmeston Lakes in Penarth and llanishen reservoir. These are all good options but just don’t have the greatness of my top 5.

At the end of the day you have all the time in the world to explore all of these options with your dog and come up with your own opinion. So, if you have a different top 5 let us know in the comments below.

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For the more competitive in nature, if you post a picture of your dog at each of these walks with the #happydaystop5, you could win a fantastic prize of a bunch of doggy treats and some enjoyable human treats worth £40 from Happy Days Dog and Puppy Training!

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