About Your Next Favourite Dog Trainer

Passionate. Patient. Persistent. Pet-lover.

We are Happy Days Dog and Puppy Training, and these are just a few characteristics that describe us. We know each animal is different, and we will work with yours to give them the specific guidance they need. Whether you’re thinking about getting a dog, have a new pet, or already own a dog with behavioural problems, We are here to help.


Having grown up around animals, I have a passion for animals of all kinds. I have two big passions, one is African wildlife, and the other is dogs. These two are what my world revolves around and I do everything I can to show this in my work.


There is nothing more important than patience when working with animals. I am lucky enough to have bucket loads of it.


Getting the desired behaviour and responses you want, takes allot of persistence. This goes hand in hand with patience, and these two factors contribute enormous amounts to the success of dog and Puppy Training.


Like I said previously, I absolutely love all types of animals and have interacted with large and small, wild and domesticated. I take pride in the love and care I show for all pets.


Our services are worth every penny, we will always try to adapt as much as possible to your schedule and get the best out of your dog.

One-to-One Training

From pups to adult dogs, we cater for all

Helping you train and correct issues in your home.

Training Walks

This training will be conducted by the trainer with the dog and the owner. This type of training is specifically for dogs that need to learn recall, walking nicely on the leash and correct socialisation.

£35 for 1.5 hours

Family Training

This is a training based around the whole family. These sessions will focus on showing children how to treat and respect the dog, what to do with an over excited dog and fun games for the whole family to play with the dog.

£35 for 1.5 hours

One to One 6 week course

Perfect for you and your dog or puppy if you are more comfortable at home or have certain training focuses. This course will focus on all the basic training that a dog should have. We will focus on things like sit, stay, down, walking nicely on leash, recall and more. In addition to this we will be able to focus on specific areas that the dog may be battling with.

£110 for 6 one hour sessions over six weeks

Exclusive Package

This is our premium package and offers you and your family exceptional service. We will meet where you and your family feel comfortable whether it is at your home or local park. Meeting times can be arranged around your busy schedule at any time that suites you. This package will focus on all obedience training like sit, stay, down, recall, lead walking, wait, heel, and some more advanced training for the clever pups, as well as addressing anything that you might want your dog to know or learn.

£300 for 6 hour sessions over 6 weeks


Puppy (0-6months) Classes dates:

Every first Thursday of the month in Llandaf Fields

Intermediate (6-12months) Classes:

 Llandaff fields

Dog Agility (all ages) Classes dates:

Every first Sunday of the month in Llandaff fields

Enrichment Games Classes dates:

Second Thursday of every month. Location to be confirmed

Crazy to Calm Classes dates:

Second Saturday of every month. Location to be confirmed

Stop Jumping Classes dates:

Third Thursday of every month. Location to be confirmed

Quiet Please Classes dates:

Third Saturday of every month. Location to be confirmed

Wonderful Walkies Classes dates:

Fourth Thursday of every month. Location to be confirmed

Perfecting the Sit and Stay Classes dates:

Fourth Saturday of every month. Location to be confirmed


We love animals, especially spending time training dogs which is always a pleasure!


I know how wild animals act, I have studied and worked with them in South Africa. This gives me a massive advantage over my competitors.

Good Manners

I am well educated, passionate and caring. I work closely with the dogs owner and the dog and pour my passion and experience into my work.


I have an understanding of animals that not many people can claim. I have studied animal behaviour and Dog Training, this helps me to get the very best out of every dog.

Moral Compass

Being a part of conservation in Africa is a major part of my life, I grew up, studied and lived in the African bush. I loved working and studying with Africa’s wildlife. I do my best to contribute towards conservation and donate regularly to the African Wildlife Conservation Fund.


Take a look at photos & videos from some of my clients’ dogs.



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